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[25 Nov 2004|08:29pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I like making icons and layouts... I want to take some requests *rubs hands together* check out my icon-making community for examples of my work: [info]another_icon

and here's two layouts I designed:
Even Bad Boys Smile
What Lies Beneath (the Quidditch Pitch)

~The Transcendancer

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[18 Jun 2004|10:39pm]

Sorry, can't be specific...

What I want is a layout that's nature-Pagan mixed bloody-dark- vampire kind of style. And the links have to glow.

Also, on the right side the entries should be displayed and on the other side a picture/backround.

Be creative. Thanks.

If you're interested, to discuss it further IM Jessica at kuddleykeeka (that's AOL/AIM), or goddess_keeks (Yahoo Instant Messenger).
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hey [11 Apr 2004|08:19pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hello everyone.
Request Away!
or post you pretty icons/banners to show off!

-the beane-
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